UGREEN 2PCS Private Screen Protector For iPhone 14 13 Pro Max Anti-Sp-y Tempered Glass For iPhone 14 Plus Phone Screen Protector

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  • Burst and Shatter Resistant
  • 10 times harder materials protect your screen from scratches.
  • Ultra Clarity
  • 8K HD distortion-less display with pixel-perfect clarity.
  • Touch Sensitive
  • Bare-screen touch control experience with quick response.
  • Material Glass
  • Process CNCThickness 0.3mm
With Film Application Tool Fast and Easy
Super easy and convenient film application with the assisting tool.

Nice and Snug Fit Goes Well with Any Phone Cases
Film thickness is cut-to-fit and does not interfere with the phone case.

Fast and Responsive
Face ID Recognition
No blocking to the front camera, face ID unimpaired.

Anti Blue-Ray Layer
Protects Your Eyes
Effectively filters out blue-rays to protect your eyes.

0.3mm Super-Thin
Touch Control Sensitive
Touch sensitive with quick response Smooth with no lag.

Farewell, Grease and Finger prints All-Time Clean and Fresh Hydrophobic lotus-effect, bionic innovation
Keeps the grease and fingerprints away from your screen.

Catch Up
Earpiece Dust
Upgraded dustproof net, all-in-one coverage, dustproof and dustproof. Protect the earpiece from dust and damage the sound quality.

True-Tone Viewing Exp
erience with 8K Clarity
Upgraded material with light transmittance up to 92%. True-tone viewing experience with 8K clarity.

1:1 Micron-Grade Cutting Edge to-Edge Full-Screen Coverage
Advanced CNC engraving technique with precision up to 20 um. Cutting with perfect accuracy, same as the original screen.
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