Pureit Ultima RO+UV+MF

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~ “Purity” here refers to the TDS range of water

^ “Quality” here refers to the TDS range of water

^^ Depend on your water quality

^^^ You can see the quality of water through the purity indicator only when water is being purified or the purifier is in use

# Advance Alert System will alert you 15 days before every 180 days (approximately) or 15 hours before completion of every 200 hours of pump running time, whichever is earlier. The purifier will communicate the alert only if the purifier is in switched-on condition during the scheduled alert time. Post the completion of the scheduled alert time, Auto Shut-OFDM of water will be activated automatically for GKK only, even if the purifier is in switched-off condition.

* Permeate flow rate and recovery are based on standard test conditions and may vary depending on input water quality, TDS, pressure and life of Filter elements

** 10 liters of storage only with running water. Or else 9.2 liters of water dispensing.

*** Input water quality and TDS content are important determinants of output water quality.

**** If input pressure exceeds 30 PSI, please install a company provided pressure reducing valve at an additional cost. If the pressure is lesser than 10 PSI, then you need to buy 'Pressure enhancing pump at an additional cost. Device should not be installed in a house where input pressure is greater than 60 psi.

##Technical specifications are subject to change or improvement without prior notice

### In case the TDS is > 1000 ppm, a company provided anti-sealant is recommended to be installed, this has to be purchased at extra cost.

#### If the iron content in the input water is more, it is recommended to install a company provided iron filter.

Physical product may vary from the image on the website.

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